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At iSourci, we deliver results as well as being reliable & trustworthy every step of the way. Our state-of-the-art sourcing solutions are proven to streamline all aspects of your sourcing experience in an efficient & cost-effective way.

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Our Services

A range of tailored services to suit your needs


We offer tailored sourcing solutions crafted to suit your individual needs. Get started with our friendly sourcing experts today.


We have a team of design experts who specialise in all aspects of product designs from packaging to e-commerce websites.


We partner with a global network of manufacturers that are vetted and verified for an ethical & hassle-free sourcing experience.


We work with certified laboratories and 3rd-party testing agencies across the globe for the ultimate peace-of-mind of our clients.


From FOB to door-to-door, we offer a range of domestic & international logistic solutions to suit individual needs.


We offer secured warehousing options for our clients. Whether you need a 3PL or temporary storage, we are here for you.


We understand sourcing can be daunting sometimes. That is why we start every project with a detailed planning. Our sourcing experts will walk you through every step of the way from initial consultation, sourcing plan crafting  to bulletproof supplier/manufacturer vetting, making sure you - our valued clients, are in good hands from the get-go.

A comprehensive ground work is key to the success of any project. We take this very first part of your sourcing journey very carefully to ensure a smooth and worry-free sourcing process can be achieved during the coming phases - Manufacturing & Quality Control.



This second part of sourcing is crucial as it involves dealing with approved suppliers/manufacturers for the  production of your products. Furthermore, an independent 3rd party testing will be carried out to ensure both the quantity & quality are met as set out in the contract. iSourci will perform below tasks during this step:

  • Working with approved suppliers/manufacturers for the production of your products
  • Provide regular inspection report on the progress of production and rectify any issues as they occur
  • Detailed 3rd party testing/inspection upon completion of manufacturing
  • Once approved by our client, we will prepare the products for shipping

GLOBAL LOGISTICS & Custom Clearing

The next part of sourcing are global logistics & getting your products through the custom. iSourci partners with reliable freight networks as well as dedicated custom liaisons to make sure your products are taken care of in a safe and timely manner. Our freight & custom clearing services include:

  • Bookings with airlines & chartered ships with pre-loading checks and reports
  • 24/7 global tracking services  ensuring you are kept updated throughout the entire process 
  • Destination custom clearance (based on custom regulation in your country)

WAREHOUSING & Express Local Delivery

We can provide temporary/permanent storage solutions to securely store all your valuable products. We also work with reputable local freight companies for a fast & reassuring local delivery.

  • 24/7 secured & insured warehousing solution to cater most type of products
  • Same/next day express local delivery options
  • After sale services and tailored progress record upon request
  • Unlocks our VIP tier service package for more savings for your future sourcing needs

Our Latest Projects

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State & Federal Government Purchase of PPE

Ever since the beginning of the COVID Pandemic in 2020, iSourci has helped both State & Federal Government of Australia for the purchase of PPE such as face masks, gowns, gloves, rapid antigen tests (RATs) as well as other essential medical supplies.

Ongoing Project: Provide PPE and essential supplies to channels servicing both State & Federal Government

  • Provide sourcing and manufacturing of PPEs and other essential medical supplies 
  • Global logistics as well as temporary warehousing and express local delivery 
  • A combined figure of over 500 million face masks, 200 million surgical gowns & gloves, 50 million units of RATs and counting

Essential Oils Gift Set

VILLAROSA is a well-known essential oil brand on Amazon Australia. Started in 2018, VILLAROSA has quickly grown into one of the best-selling essential oil brands on Amazon with a scope to further explore international market in 2022.

Project Description: 100,000 essential oil gift sets (600,000 individual bottles) per quarter

  • Client was informed every step of the way during the entire sourcing process 
  • Saved $20,000 per shipment from finding the right supplier and another $20,000 by utilizing iSourci's partnered logistics
  • Direct door-to-door delivery to Amazon's warehouse in across Australia appointed by the client

Corporate merchandise

iSourci was approached by Hayeswinckle - one of the fastest growing real estate agency in Victoria, for the design & sourcing of HW-themed merchandises such as keychains, polo shirts and stationaries. iSourci took care of the design as well as production process throughout and delivered high quality merchandise that appraised by both Hayeswinckle agents and their clients.

Project Scope: 2,000 units of custom designed keychains with door-to-door economy delivery

  • Design & manufacture of 2,000 units of Hayeswincle-themed keychains 
  • Quality checks provided by 3rd-party testing agency & approved by clients prior to shipping
  • Delivered one week ahead of scheduled delivery date

Company Branding Kit Design

The graphic design team at iSourci really knows their business. From product packaging to branding kit designs, we cover it all. DroneHub Australia approached us for the creation of their company branding kits. As a photography & videography agency, professional branding is key to their success. 

Project Scope: Comprehensive creation of DroneHub branding kits include business cards, notebooks, CD covers etc. 

  • Professional graphic design of DroneHub-themed company branding kits 
  • Mockup creation of the branding kits for website & social media uses.
  • Fast turnaround time of under 48 hours.

Dronehub Australia

DroneHub Australia is an Australia-based photography & videography business. They specialize in all types of drone photography and videography and have fast grown into one of the most trusted aerial footage providers in the region. Further to their branding kit design needs, DroneHub came to us for the sourcing of their commercial drone unit purchase.

Project Scope: 100 professional DJI drones for commercial aerial footage

  • Negotiated with DJI authorities for the best deal 
  • Utilized iSourci's own freight network for peace-of-mind delivery
  • All orders were fulfilled and delivered to clients in less than two weeks

Non-Profit Organization (NFO)

iSourci has always been actively involved with supporting local and international non-profit organizations (NFOs) with the sourcing of their essential supplies. We are community-focused with a mission to provide prioritized sourcing solutions so NPOs can access quality essential and daily supplies fast and in a cost-effective way.

Project Scope: Ongoing supply of personal protective equipment and medical supplies

  • Prioritized supply channel during difficult times when essential supplies are in short supply
  • Tailored & flexible payment options to suit NFOs systems
  • 24/7 after-sale customer services

Being an Amazon seller, I need someone  to help me with the sourcing of the product I pick., organise freight, clearing customs and finally deliver the product to Amazon warehouse. Being a business owner, I want to streamline all aspects of my sourcing needs so I can focus on the business. iSourci helped me  a ton and they really took the weight off my shoulder so I can further expand my business.

Kerri Villarosa - VILLAROSA

Professional presentation is paramount in the real estate industry. That is why we are dedicated to provide our clients the best company image so they can trust our quality of service from the get-go. iSourci not only helps us to source the products we need they also help us to create the eye-catching design that loved by our clients. 

Yan LIN  - Hayeswinckle Agent

The nature of our business requires us to use the best drones in the market that are both reliable and cost-effective. We use iSourci to get exactly what we need. They are negotiation experts and really know their stuff. We saved 6 figures by utilizing iSourci's sourcing solutions as well as their partnered freight network that got our product delivered within a week!

Ron Watson - DroneHub Australia

Frequently-Asked Questions

Got Questions? We Have the Answers!

At iSourci, we have a number of essential Company Policies in place that we rely on and uphold on a everyday basis to ensure a smooth, transparent and ethical operation of our business. Please go to Company Policies for a complete list of our Policies.

Globally. Depending on the specification of the products, iSourci will always try our best to source them from areas that offer both geographic & cost-related advantages such as being close to ports for easier shipping as well as the ease of clearing custom or the overall cost of products are more favorable. Our clients also have the choice of choosing the country they want the product to be manufactured & shipped from. At iSourci, we will always do our very best to cater for our clients' requests.

Clients will be engaged promptly every step of their sourcing journey. We provide tailored consultation in the very beginning to make sure everything is carefully planned & drafted according to clients' instruction. All product specifications, costs, test reports, certifications, and factory registrations will be provided for confirmation when available. We will then take care of everything from manufacturer vetting, production, independent testing, warehousing & freight management until orders are finalized and signed off by our clients.

As much as we want to tell you the exact timeframe of sourcing your products, we do not have a crystal ball (but we wish we did though lol) as to how long it would take us to find the perfect manufacturer as well as other factors such as lead time, shipping & custom clearance. However, we always try our very best to streamline all aspect of your sourcing journey and make it as much worry-free as possible. With our all-in-one sourcing network, you will be rest-assured knowing you are in good hands with your products.

Barring any unforeseen government regulations, utilizing dedicated air charter service gives us more control over the entire shipping process and allows for faster transport, easily traced chain of custody, a dedicated route, and expedited service. However, while utilizing dedicated charter service is a more rapid means of transporting goods from overseas, that speed comes with a higher cost compared to ocean transport. Air transport also offers less cargo space than ocean transport. If your in-hands date is flexible, or you are making a very large purchase, ocean transport may be the more cost-effective option. There are also some products that are hazardous and cannot be transported via plane. We consider the options for every order individually and dedicated sourcing consultant will work with you every step of the way to create a logistics plan that works best for your needs.

The freight forwarder will arrange the movement of the cargo to its final destination point. Additionally, a freight forwarder’s duties also include:

  • preparing and processing the documents for international freight forwarding 
  • reviewing commercial invoices, bills of lading, and other documentation required by the manufacturer and transport companies 
  • regarding and reviewing any documents required by the destination country 
  • establishing communications with the other participants in the international freight forwarding process

Unlike other sourcing company, iSourci also offers professional design services for all your product needs. From simple logo to complete packaging/boxing design, we will have you covered every step of the way. We even offer a complete service package where we take care of all your website design, product sourcing as well as door-to-door delivery. Talk to our sourcing & design experts today.

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iSourci is your one-stop destination for all your sourcing needs. Throughout the years, we have helped countless clients around the world with the sourcing of their chosen products while offering them a combined saving of over 50 million dollars.

We provide (but not limited to):

  • Tailored consultation to suit individual & corporate needs 
  • Manufacturer liaison and contract negotiation 
  • Independent 3rd party testing with detailed written report
  • Global logistic network that serves 10+ countries
  • Secured warehousing solutions for your peace-of-mind

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